American singer and musician Jaafar Jackson is currently in Pakistan on his first visit and is blown away by the hospitality.

In an interview, Jackson shared that he is visiting Pakistan with China-Pakistan Investment Corporation and its founding board member, Zeeshan Shah.

He said that he visited two universities in Islamabad. Sharing his experience he said: “It was incredible interacting with the students. They were all so kind, talented and I love how passionate they are with what they are doing.”


The singer said that it “feels incredible” to be here in Pakistan.

“Everyone in the country has been so kind, welcoming and sweet. So, it means a lot to me and I look forward to coming back here, doing a show and interacting with more people. I have enjoyed every second of my trip,” he said.

Jaafar is the second youngest son of legendary singer Jermaine Jackson and is the King of Pop, Michael Jackson’s nephew. His last single Got Me Singing was a hit with 5.2 million views on YouTube.

He also shared that he has been working on an album which will release in the summer.