Airlink Communication Ltd, one of the largest manufacturers, distributors and retailers of Pakistan, was honored to welcome the distinguished presence of the Minister of state for IT and Telecommunication, Ms. Shaza Fatima Khawaja, to its state-of-the-art smartphone manufacturing facility, where Airlink partners with global giants Xiaomi and Tecno.

During the visit, the Minister commended Airlink’s commitment to innovation and its remarkable inclusion of women in the labor force, which stands at an impressive 25 to 30%.

She stated, “I am truly impressed by the technological advancements and commitment to gender inclusivity demonstrated by Airlink in this facility. The government recognizes the importance of the smartphone manufacturing industry in driving economic growth and job creation. Our goal is to provide full support to individuals and businesses in the smartphone manufacturing sector, ensuring that Pakistan becomes a leading exporter of technology products in the future.”


In response to the minister’s remarks, Airlink’s Group CEO, Muzzaffar H Piracha, highlighted the company’s vision for technology transfer and its role in positioning Pakistan as a global technological hub. Piracha stated, “Pakistan’s smartphone industry, now producing 97% of the market share domestically, has immense potential to contribute to our economy.

We estimate that the export of smartphones alone could bring in up to 10 billion USD in foreign exchange, further strengthening Pakistan’s position in the global market. With our sights set on expanding into Electric Vehicles (EV) and advancing the landscape of the Internet of Things (IoT) products in Pakistan, we envision a future where our technological innovations not only meet domestic demand but also drive significant foreign exchange through exports. “

Airlink has already invested in Xiaomi LED production factory and will start its production in the coming months. Through strategic partnerships and a steadfast commitment to excellence, Airlink continues to drive progress and empower communities through technology.