Lahore Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) officials recovered a minor boy kidnapped from a street of Ghaziabad and sold to a woman in Sheikhupura for Rs 20,000.

According to reports, a mother of seven daughters had asked her brother-in-law to kidnap a minor boy from Lahore and bring it over to her. The motive behind her action is not known.

The police said the kidnapper Amir and his accomplice kidnapped four-year-old Umair on September 9 when he was playing in a street in the city’s Ghaziabad area with his brother.


The parents of the boy alerted the police when Umair didn’t return home after a few hours.

The CIA police with the help of CCTV cameras of the Safe City Authority traced the suspects and recovered Umair from Sheikhupura. The Punjab Safe Cities Authority helped police detect the registration number of the motorcycle which the suspect used to transport Umair to Sheikhupura. CCTVs were also used to locate the kidnappers when they were taking the boy to Sheikhupura through Shahdara.

Police said the prime suspect Amir told police that he had committed the offence to please his sister-in-law.

The boy has been returned to his father.