A 29-year-old Indian man named Shihab Chottur arrived in Pakistan on Tuesday through the Wagah border during his journey to Makkah to perform the Hajj.
The Keralite had begun his walking 8,640-kilometer trek from Malappuram on June 2, 2022. He had been waiting for a Pakistani visa in Amritsar since the previous four months in order to continue his journey. .

Shihab has so far walked 3,300km, covering seven states from Kerala to Punjab.
In September last year, he was denied entry to Pakistan since there is no agreement between New Delhi and Islamabad about transit visas for people travelling on foot.

Chottur decided to remain in a school in Amritsar while he awaited the visa.



He was granted a two-day transit visa for Lahore and is presently in Pakistan.

While sharing videos on his instagram, Chottur wrote, “Miracle Moment” to describe his arrival in Pakistan.