Nasir Khan Jan is not only famous for his video content and unabashed style but also how he takes criticism and negative comments. Nasir Khan Jan has lately started becoming active on Twitter and has been winning hearts with his tweets. He proved that he has a strong tweet game when he clapped back at model Rabia Butt after she attempted to troll him.

Nisar Khan Jan recently posted a picture of himself on Twitter with the caption “Cheat your boyfriend and propose me”.

 Soon after, Pakistanis started commenting on NKJ’s picture. Among those was Rabia Butt who jumped in with a most sexist reply.


“Who should propose you? The boyfriend or the girlfriend?”, Butt wrote in response.

To which NKJ responded, “Log naam kama gaye mujhe badnaam kartay kartay.” Following NKJ’s tweet, Rabia played it safe and tweeted:

A friendly banter between the two then ensued.

Rabia’s comments didn’t sit well with NKJ’s fans who started schooling Rabia. To them, the model tweeted:

What do you think? Good friends or throwing shade?