School season is back and children of all ages are getting ready to go back to school in a couple of days. Even more nervous than the children are possibly the first-time mummies who will be going to drop their children to school. More than anything, it is the pressure of looking good and presentable which makes them all the more anxious. Lucky for you, we have three easy hacks which will make mummies of all ages look fresh.

Dab concealer on your dark circles

A mother is the one person in the household who probably gets the least amount of sleep. To look awake and fresh, just dab a bit of concealer on the undereye area and blend with your middle finger.

Use lipstick to give a light flush

For that flushed, early morning look take a bit of your favourite pink lipstick and blend into your cheeks. Use the same on your lips or you can use a tint for the lips.


Brush your eyebrows

Defining your eyebrows can make you look more put together. Just take some tinted eyebrow gel and brush your eyebrows with it.

There, you’re done.

Doing all this will barely take more than five minutes and in the end you’ll feel fresh and more confident.