Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Murad Saeed withdrew from the general elections 2024 on Thursday.

During the hearing of the petition filed against his nomination papers in the Peshawar High Court (PHC), Murad Saeed’s lawyer told the court that he had returned the ticket and he was not participating in the elections.

The Peshawar High Court bench, comprising Justice Ishtiaq Ibrahim, Justice Aijaz Anwar, and Justice Sahibzada Asadullah, entertained a plea regarding the rejection of Murad Saeed’s nomination papers and subsequently rendered its decision.


However, it was revealed during the proceedings that the petitioner had withdrawn the application, informing the court that the ticket had been voluntarily returned.

On Wednesday, the bench reserved its decision on the petition against the rejection of the PTI leader’s nomination papers.

Justice Ishtiaq Ibrahim remarked in yesterday’s hearing regarding what the law says when a person is declared a fugitive and does not surrender before the law.

When a person does not appear in front of the law, how can the papers be approved, he will be elected again and legislate, he asked.

The Advocate General said in his arguments that when a person becomes a fugitive, he loses some basic rights and he has no right to vote or contest election.

The court stated in its remarks that, “It will then be used as a weapon to prevent anyone from the election”.

While reserving the decision on Murad Saeed’s appeal, the court declared the documents of Shehram Tarkai and Atif Khan to be correct in this regard.

A three-member bench of PHC upheld the decision of the Election Tribunal and rejected the petitions against the approval of Shahram Tarkai and Atif Khan’s papers.