Indian tennis ace Sania Mirza has said that her loved ones have always given her a space to grow and be herself.

During a conversation with Abish Mathew of WhatsApp-sponsored amusement ‘The Inner Circle’, Sania said that at a time when she started playing tennis, not many people could dream of playing the sport. “Therefore, it captured everyone’s imagination.”

The tennis ace took to Instagram on Wednesday and shared a clip from the interview, which was aired last week, in which she said that she is very proud of being a sportswoman as she has inspired a lot of girls to opt for sport as a full-time profession.


Speaking about a support system, she said that for years, whenever she won or lost a match, she always messaged her mother and her sister, Anam Mirza, who was also invited to the show.


“It wouldn’t be a long message [but I always contacted them after a match]” said Sania. “I have been very, very fortunate that I have a family that has supported me through everything — through every decision of mine on and off the court.”

She said that knowing that her family, including her mother, sister, father, and her husband, are there for her always gave her a sense of comfort before she stepped onto the court.

Sania also spoke about motherhood and said that it was because of her son, Izhaan Mirza-Malik, that she decided to play tennis again.

“I wanted him to be proud when he understands that his mother didn’t give up on her dreams after she had a baby,” she said. “Also, many people told me I can’t do it, so I had to [show them I can].

Earlier, she took to Instagram to share a video in which she said my son wanted me to “bring him the trophy” and she got him the trophy.