Bollywood actor Madhuri Dixit recently talked about her life as a super star and how stardom never affected her personal life.

In her debut web series The Fame Game, Madhuri plays a Bollywood star who encounters the dark side of fame and sees how her popularity affects life in a negative way.

In a recent interaction with ETimes the Devdas star revealed that her family never treated her differently even after she became a superstar.



She went on to add that she was lucky never to have faced that in real life and it was largely because she kept her personal and professional lives separate.

“I mean, even when I was working in films, my mom used to scold me if my room was messed up and things like that. So that’s how I was brought up. And that’s how I am. When I go home, everything is back in the studio. I see my kids and I see my husband and its just a different life. I never really lost myself,” she said.

The actor added that she detaches from her onscreen character once she steps out of the sets. “I look at it as a profession. When I go in front of the camera, I’m a professional actress. And I know what I’m doing. I’ve read a script, and I’m reading it and I’m playing that character. I become that character for the camera, but once I go back home, I am a normal person, because that’s the way I’ve been brought up,” she continued.

On the work front, The Fame Game is Madhuri’s OTT debut. The series, created by Sri Rao, began streaming on Netflix on February 25. It also stars Sanjay Kapoor, Manav Kaul, Muskkaan Jaferi and Lakshvir Saran in key roles.