Sonya Hussyn and Shoaib Malik recently appeared on Ahsan Khan’s show Time Out with Ahsan Khan. It was an Eid special show and Sonya told the host that she is a very good cook. Shoaib jumped into the conversation to add that he knows about Sonya’s cooking skills and that he has met Sonya’s welcoming family.

Sonya then went on to recall the time when her mother met Shoaib at her house and considered him to be a good match for Sonya, “My mother didn’t know he was married, she went upstairs and messaged me that, he’s good,” said Sonya adding that her mother is not very aware of what’s happening on social media.

In a follow-up segment Shoaib said, “My wife didn’t know I went to Sonya Hussyn’s house for dinner, It was kept a secret.”


The host asked Shoaib if he was given a chance to jump into the acting realm what kind of a character would he like to play to which the cricketer replied that he would like to play a funny character.

Sonya also made an interesting revelation on the show that she still hasn’t received her cheque for the movie Tich Button, which is produced by Urwa Hocane despite completing the shoot.

Shoaib and Sonya maintained their humorous banter throughout the show.