Poori zindagi guzar gayi iss soch main keh whether jinns and supernatural creatures exist or not.

Nonetheless, media reports from Karachi are saying that a weird, mysterious creature has been spotted in Shershah scrap market sparking fear among traders who have businesses there. Traders are now closing their shops earlier than before.

The guard who has seen this creature claims that this creature is approximately 5 feet tall and dark-coloured with two glowing eyes. He recounted that this started about eight days ago when he was fulfilling his duties outside a warehouse. He said that he heard dogs barking nearby and got up from his chair to see what was going on. As he walked towards where the noise was coming from, Gulzar said that he felt a strange sensation before he spotted a “strange creature.” He immediately ran away. Gulzar said he has been working as a watchman for the last 25 years but has never seen anything like this before.


Local initially believed that Gulzar was making up stories, but the next day, another watchman, Abdul Qayyum, claimed to have spotted the creature as he was taking a round of the area. This has sparked fear and panic among the locals.

Shopkeepers also believe that this creature is killing their animals and sucking their blood. They have submitted their reports and concerns to the local police station.

Meanwhile, some people believe that this is just an elaborate plan to scare the locals. Whatever the matter may be, it does sound a little eerie.