Since its formation, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has recovered Rs864 billion from corrupt elements, directly and indirectly.

The anti-graft watchdog, NAB has collected Rs584 billion during the tenure of incumbent Chairman Justice Javed Iqbal.

Due to the NAB’s aggressive prosecution, the Accountability Courts penalized 1,405 accused persons and imposed substantial fines on them, as per a NAB spokesman.


In the Accountability Courts, NAB has a 66 per cent overall conviction rate. NAB received a total of 405,768 complaints since its formation. A total of 405,212 complaints were handled. The inquiry of 556 complaints is still ongoing.

100,865 complaints have been acknowledged by the NAB. There were around 100,425 complaints investigated. While 779 complaints were still being investigated. 9883 queries have been approved by NAB.


8,953 queries were followed through to completion. A total of 930 inquiries were investigated.

NAB allowed 4,547 investigations since its establishment. A total of 42,100 investigations have been completed. While working on 346, the probe is still ongoing. Since its founding, the NAB has filed 3,645 referrals in accountability courts. 2,398 references were disposed of in accordance with the law. Currently, 1,237 referrals worth Rs1,335 billion are being tried in various accountability courts.