Pakistani TV host, Nadia Khan has finally spoken up about the controversy surrounding her viral video with Pakistan People’s Party leader (PPP) Sharmila Faruqi’s mother, in which she was sarcastically praising her makeup.


While talking to Samaa News, Nadia Khan said, “Sharmila can go to the cybercrime authorities if she wants to but it’s redundant to drag this issue on after the video has been deleted.”

She added, “Things could escalate if I would have said anything further on the issue.”

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Sharmila Faruqi, while talking exclusively with The Current expressed her anger saying, “I inboxed [Nadia] and said it is very shameless of you to do this.”

To which Nadia, as per Sharmila, replied, “There is nothing wrong in this. I have not asked anything wrong and I have not done anything wrong. Stop using harsh words with me.”

Sharmila continued by saying, “She is shameless and heartless and it’s very very unfortunate,” adding, “I have a lot of respect for people in showbiz, they work really hard.”

She then said that her mother is a very “simple woman.” She said that she lost her father and her mother lost her husband three months ago. My mother was at Saboor Aly’s wedding.”

“She [Anisa] is trying to survive without her husband,” she said adding, “You [Nadia] don’t have anything else to do so you want to get publicity and ratings by making such videos,” said Sharmila.