Actor Naumaan Ijaz has responded to a netizen who asked him to invite contemporary Faysal Qureshi on his hit chat show G Sarkar.

The Parizaad star has made a shocking revelation publicly that the Fitoor hero is too busy for him.

Naumaan and his team have tried to approach Faysal multiple times but have never gotten a response. The senior actor is disappointed with him for his conduct.



“He is too busy. He don’t have time for us, we asked him many times.”

Faysal recently appeared on Nida Yasir’s morning show.

Good Morning Pakistan - Faysal Quraishi - Amar Khan - 31st December 2021 -  ARY Digital Show - YouTube

He recently garnered mixed reactions on his latest statement on married actresses across social media platforms.


The Qaid-e-Tanhai star stated in a recent interview that, “Most actresses get married and are investing time in bringing up their children and some actresses working on sets are keeping a check on their kids. It is always difficult for girls because they have more responsibilities. We think that we run homes but actually the ladies do this job, they can keep home and work at the same time,” said Faysal.

Take Iqra Aziz for instance. Iqra is an excellent actress but she stopped working after she had a child. I asked her what the issue is. And she said what can I do? And Yasir [Iqra’s husband] is constantly acting.”

“I was recently working with Sunita Marshall and I always found her worried about her kids on the set. When I was working with Shaista, she also shared that she had a hard time focusing on her job since her kids were always on her mind, ” added the Fitoor hero.

He said he prefers working with single actresses.

He also cited Sunita Marshal’s example that while shooting, she was mentally occupied with her children’s activities. He also mentioned that his Baba Jani costar Savera Nadeem was also always focusing on her phone to take children’s updates.

In the interview, Faysal also lashed out at actresses for uploading chunks of the dramas on social media platforms, he said that some people are very obsessed with social media. “Some actresses upload almost half the drama on Snapchat”.

He concluded by saying that he can bet that Madiha Imam will also stop working after a child.

The Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 diva has currently taken a break from work after her son’s birth.

Mathira shared her blunt stance on the matter. She shunned the actor for saying that marriage is a hindrance to a woman’s career.

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