At the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) jalsa in Karachi on Sunday, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supremo Nawaz Sharif blamed “a few hundred thousand” of hijacking the country’s democratic system. Sharif was addressing the PDM jalsa from London via video link.

Nawaz vowed he would not stay silent anymore.

Reciting a few lines from the milli naghma (national song) Yeh watan tumhara hai’, Nawaz Sharif changed a few lines to: “Yeh watan tumhara hai, hum hain khawamkhah iss mein [This country is yours and we are living in it for no reason].”


Ai chand lakh logo, yeh watan tumhara hai, baaqi 21 crore hain khawamkhah iss mein [Dear few lakh people, this country is yours, the rest of the 21 crore people are living here for no reason],” further added Nawaz.

“It’s a crime to stay silent under the current circumstances,” said Nawaz.

“A few generals and elite of the society have made this democratic system a hostage. We remained silent when the elected prime minister was thrown out. We stayed silent when votes were snatched and blue-eyed people were imposed over the country to rule. We stayed silent when honest and God-fearing judges were implicated in false cases,” said Nawaz.

The PML-N leader said, “We stayed silent when the RTS [results transmission system] collapsed [in 2018 elections] and we stayed silent when the country’s poor segment of society was deprived of food. Now you have to decide that whether you want to stand with those who are suffering and scared or with those who raise their voice against injustice.”