A quarterly adjustment of Rs3.21 per unit of power for the period of April to June 2022 has been approved by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA).

A further burden of Rs93.95 billion will be placed on energy consumers as a result of the most recent price increase. To be effective as of October 1, 2022, the authority transmitted its decision to the federal government.

According to specifics, the prior adjustments’ time period ended on September 3, 2022. As of October 1, the electricity customers will not receive any respite as the authority implements fresh adjustments immediately following the expiration of the prior adjustment.


For K-Electric customers, the NEPRA earlier in the day authorised a cut in power rates of Rs4.89 per unit due to a fuel cost adjustment (FCA) for August 2022.

The notification states that, in contrast to KE’s plea for Rs4.21, the fuel cost adjustment for K-Electric customers would be reduced by Rs4.89 per unit. However, it specified that the tariff cut for July would only be valid for that particular month.

According to the NEPRA, all consumer categories would be affected by the drop in FCA, with the exception of lifeline consumers, home consumers consuming up to 300 units, agriculture consumers, and EVCS (Electric Vehicle Charging Station).