A Faysal Bank customer expressed his discontent with the bank on Facebook after his credit card was converted into a shariah-compliant card called “Noor Islamic Card”. The customer complained that he is unable to make transactions with Netflix or use the card for any “unislamic” purposes.

He posted on Facebook, saying, “Just converted my Faysal Bank Credit into Noor Islamic Card. Now I can’t use the card on Netflix, bcoz they have become Islamic, and they cannot allow their customers to use their card on any unislamic things.”

Other users also commented on the post, with one user pointing out that the bank still charges interest, which they refer to as Musawah payment, if a bill is not paid on time. Another user claimed that their conventional credit card was converted into a Noor Islamic Card without their consent and the bank’s response to their complaint was unsatisfactory.


Many users expressed their frustration with the bank’s service, with some even stating that they would be closing their Faysal Islamic Card account due to the Netflix payment issue. One user also pointed out that Meezan Bank has the same policy regarding Netflix transactions.

Another user shared their experience, stating that their Faysal Bank card did not work when they tried to buy movie tickets and food at the bank’s food court on the same day that their card was converted from a conventional card to an Islamic one. It was only then that they realized that their card had been converted.

The conversion of conventional credit cards into shariah-compliant cards is a growing trend in Pakistan’s banking sector. While this is seen as a positive move by some customers, others are skeptical of the benefits and limitations of shariah compliant cards.