New Zealand Police have introduced the hijab into their official uniform to encourage more Muslim women to join the force. The move is ¬†aimed to create an “inclusive” service reflecting the country’s “diverse community”.

According to reports, a new recruit, Constable Zeena Ali will be the first police officer to wear a hijab as part of her uniform.

Besides New Zealand, London’s Metropolitan Police and Police Scotland also allow Muslims to wear the head covering.


Constable Ali was the first to make the request and was even included in the development process.

Ali was born in Fiji but moved to New Zealand in her childhood. Speaking to the New Zealand Herald, she said that she wanted to join the police force following the terror attack in Christchurch.

“I realised more Muslim women were needed in the police to support people,” she told the publication.

“It feels great to be able to go out and show the New Zealand Police hijab as part of my uniform,” she said. “I think that seeing it, more Muslim women will want to join as well.”