Sunday, 10th January 2021
I asked my daughter yesterday, what I should be. A journalist, a baker (we love to bake) or a teacher. And she said she would just like me to be her mother, and nothing more. 

The Hazara community buried their 11 dead today after seven days of extreme devastation. They needed their Prime Minister to be their solace and he only arrived after they buried their murdered dead, and after calling them blackmailers. How does one continue their lives after such utter devastation? To never see a member of your family, your brother, father, child? Has to be the most difficult feeling in the world. 

What makes things easier is meeting people like Moosa Bin Shahid. A boy so young, who speaks beyond his years, spoke so strongly in a viral video after the motorway rape case, one that shook people. But his way of speaking and what he says is not the only reason why he is our Sunday Superstar. Find out how big a role his family has to play in making him a strong and independent thinker – ones we desperately need. 

And food. Food always makes one happy right? Ashar went to Sialkot this week (without telling me) and ate at the Taj Palace Hotel where he had BBQ and fell in love. And I’m so sorry to completely gross you out, but did you hear about the dead rat found in a shawarma in a restaurant in Lahore? An 11-year-old girl was about to eat it. The restaurant has been sealed and the video is so disturbing. The worst part is that, according to the affected family, the restaurant tried to say it was fake and they had done nothing wrong.

Actor Navin Waqar says that there is no need to marry the wrong person. It is better to stay single and happy rather than marry the wrong person. A bad marriage can leave one’s heart broken forever. 

With a series win against Pakistan, the New Zealand cricket team is now the top test team of the world. Pakistani cricket fans are obviously heartbroken at our cricket team’s dismal performance. Who was the most disappointing of the lot? Our op-ed writer Zahoor Reza asks the core question: if Shan Masood 2.0 was a hoax or whether he can get his act together.

Sad news this Sunday but we’ve saved the ultimate happy news for the end. The government has established the first COVID-19 vaccination centre in Islamabad. According to details, citizens can register themselves for the vaccine using the helpline 1166. 

Did I say the end was happy? Well here comes one not-so-happy and rather anxiety inducing news. WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy. The company will now be sharing the customer data with Facebook and it is mandatory for the users to accept the privacy if they want to continue using the app, which is grossly unfair. And the memes on the subject shows that the internet has no chill.

It’s only sunny in Quetta and all other major cities, will have clouds disturbing their clear day. Speaking of disturbing, wasn’t it strange when the whole country’s electricity went out at the same time? Conspiracy theories abound!

See you guys tomorrow and happy Sunday!
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