Morning Subscriber! It’s Thursday, 3rd December 2020, and the weather is cold and sunny. Let’s start the day with an interesting fact: Do you know that over 21 million people in Pakistan use the internet, making it one of the top internet-using countries in the world. We just can’t live without the Internet, can we?

Morning Meme

Punjab lawyers with AK-47s

Multiple videos of the Lahore-based lawyers have been circulating on social media, wherein the lawyers are seen doing aerial firing on the streets to celebrate the victory of their candidate in the Punjab Bar Council (PbBC) elections. Yeh tou sbko pata hai, ESPECIALLY lawyers ko, that aerial firing is banned in Pakistan! After the outrage on social media, several unidentified lawyers were booked by Civil Lines police. 
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Former PM passes away 

Ex-PM Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali passed away at the age of 76 on Wednesday. Details k mutabik, he was battling for his life on Sunday after being placed on a ventilator, following a heart attack and severe breathing problems. Originally a supporter of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Jamali served as the 15th PM of Pakistan from 2002 until his resignation in 2004. 
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‘Leave the judging to God

Actor Ahsan Mohsin Ikram, who has recently been criticised for his alleged relationship with Minal Khan and for posting ‘loved-up’ pictures of the two, has reacted to the backlash by asking people to worry about “his/her own life instead of others”. 

“Oh you who believe! Let not some people among you laugh at others, perhaps they may be better than them,” said the actor in a story posted to his Instagram. Apka kya khayal hai is baray mien?

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Four reasons why brilliant people market their business on social media

With emerging technology digital platforms pay ap kuch bhi kar saktay hain, is sab mien social media is one of the best platforms to market your business. Chahy ap koi bhi business start karnay ka sooch rahy ho or you wish to grow your existing business, you shouldn’t miss this phenomenal marketing strategy for your business growth. 
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Current Baba’s prediction
Although your mom thinks it’s crazy but today you will dressup up all fancy, just to post a picture on your Instagram account. Nothing can stop you from reaching 118 likes! Not even the lockdown!

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