Host and actor Nida Yasir recently arranged a special episode of her morning show, Good Morning Pakistan in which all the celebrities who lost their loved ones showed up.

The stars shared their painful phases of life and how they coped up with that permanent loss.

She also shared about the death of her mother and the biggest regret she has in her life. Nida broke down into tears while sharing her plight during her mother’s demise.


“The day after I reached the Maldives I got to know that my mother passed away. During Covid, I was not even able to come back at once because of the corona test and other safety measures. The next morning I found out about my mother’s death, I just spent the whole day praying to Allah to create an easy way for me so I can go back home and see my mother. This thing hurts me the most that I was not there with my mother during her last moments.”

She added, “My sisters always make me understand that it is very difficult to forget those last moments as they are very painful. I don’t know if that was it a punishment Allah gave me or something else but it will always remain the biggest regret of my life.”

Earlier this year the Chakkar producer made headlines for refusing a male fan’s request of selfie. The Nadaniyaan diva could be seen saying in the video that I don’t take pictures with men.

Later, a clip from The Current’s exclusive interview with Nida is resurfacing on web in which she stated the reason of doing so.

“The reason is that I have seen photographs of a lot of actresses on random pages with captions. They [other actresses] must’ve posed considering them their fans but the captions on Facebook etc say ‘Meet my friend, [XYZ],” she said.

“I don’t judge anyone ever since, but I’ll get photographed with families, with female friends, but not with male fans,” Nida Yasir remarked.

Recently we chatted again with Nida over her career, controversies and friendships.