The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) issued its warning to all Satellite channels to refrain from airing caress and hug scenes in Pakistani dramas in a recent notification.

“In continuation to earlier directions of the authority issued from time to time wherein, it was conveyed that Satellite TV channels are indulged in airing objectionable dramas/ content based on indecent dressing, caressing, bed scenes and gestures sensitive/ controversial unnecessary detailing of event(s), which are highly disturbing, distressing for the viewers and against the commonly accepted standards of decency,” read the notification.

It also added, “On the prevalent trends in Pakistani drama industry, Pemra is not only receiving numerous complaints from general public on Pakistan Citizen Portal (PCP) and media/ What’s App groups.


“All Satellite TV channels are hereby directed to refrain from airing caress/ hug scenes in dramas and properly review the content of the dramas through In-House Monitoring Committee and edit/ amend the same by giving due consideration to above reservations and apprehension of the viewers.”

All Satellite TV lincensees are also required to stop airing such content in dramas and are directed to follow Pemra laws.