Former Indian batsman Virender Sehwag praised the hospitality of the people of Pakistan in a recent video.

The ace Indian batter, known for criticising Pakistan cricket, very rarely has something positive to say about the arch-rival country.

However, in a recent interview on an Indian channel, Sehwag recalled the Indian cricket team tour of Pakistan in 2004.


Sehwag disclosed that he bought 30 to 35 Pakistani suits for his family. w
When he tried to pay, the shopkeeper refused to accept any charges.

Sehwag said, “I was wondering why he was not taking any charges, so I asked him what happened. The shopkeeper replied with a sweet and gentle tone, ‘You are our guest, how can I take money from you? Take it as a gift.’

“Aap toh mehmaan ho, aapse paise kaise le sakte hain hum?” Sehwag said.

Wherever the Indian team traveled in Pakistan, this was the constant behavior of the community, their hospitality is amazing, Sehwag said.

“We ate a lot of street food, did a lot of shopping, and no one charged us. The love we received in Pakistan is unforgettable,” he commented, adding that the Indian team felt emotional when they saw the love Pakistani people have for them.
“And then we thought we are just two brothers who are separated from each other.”