The Indo-Pak War of 1965 was a turning point in Pakistan’s history. It was not only fought by the armed forces but musicians, artists, educationists and the public were also played their part in defending Pakistan.

Among those whose services were recognised was renowned singer Madam Noor Jahan, who through her tunes and music created a spirit of courage and resilience in the Pakistan Army and the public during the war.

Aye Watan ke Sajelay Jawano and Aye Puttar Hattan Te Nahi Wikde were the most mesmerising songs. Veterans recall that these songs would give them the courage and strength to keep going. She was known as Malika-e-Tarannum (The Queen of Melody) and she had done justice to these beautifully written songs.


Noor Jahan had sung several patriotic songs from time to time.