Politician Sharmila Faruqi has commented under Iqra Aziz’s post featuring Yasir Hussain and their son Kabir.

“I’m so glad your husband is hands on but it’s nothing to be proud of or anything special, all good, involved fathers do this for their kids. My husband bathes, changes diapers, feeds and takes our son for his pre-school if I’m at work or unwell. And he loves it,” said Sharmila.

Taking to Instagram Stories, the Khamoshi star shared a picture of Yasir in which he was changing Kabir’s diaper.

“A pamper and clothing change session before leaving for work,” wrote Iqra.


The Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 actor went on to say, “P.S. he changed kabir’s clothes for the first time, I am so proud of you @yasir.hussain131 you’ve helped me so much in this new phase of my motherhood from pamper changes to holding him while i rest for a bit, and making me breakfasts.’

Commenting under the picture, the Baandhi actor wrote: “Pata hota toh koi acha pose banata.”

While actor Sadia Ghaffar wrote: “MASHAA ALLAH! Only a good son can be a good husband and father for Kabir.”