Yasir Hussain has addressed all controversies surrounding him and has opened up on why he feels he ends up in one.

Speaking to BBC Urdu, Yasir said: “Our industry is very hypocritical – it has always been. The actors in our industry are hypocrites. Whenever I get into a controversy, they call me. Why do they call me? Who are they to talk to me about the controversy if I have done something right or wrong? They talk to me for like 15 minutes over a phone call and then just hang up.”

“Why don’t they speak about it on social media and say they support me?,” questioned Yasir, adding: “They will not because they know if they will support me or say that they support my point of view, they will get bashed as well. I don’t care about the backlash, but they do.”


Talking about his “controversial” comments, Yasir asked why don’t people question the talk show hosts or the channels for asking silly questions.

“I went on a show and was asked some controversial questions. They told me that if I will not answer the questions then I have to drink some spicy drinks. I had no other option but to answer those questions – it was either that or I give myself a stomach ulcer. I even took my name or their name to play safe but they told me saying that taking our or your name is not allowed. So I had to take some names.”

The actor further said: “I took Azfar Rehman’s name because I knew he won’t mind as he is one of my closest friends in the industry. Even he said in an interview that I am overrated. This is because we know each other and we won’t mind passing such comments on each other.”

“Why am I always wrong? Why aren’t the hosts, the producers or makers of those shows are not wrong?,” asked Yasir.

“People say that I am controversial and share only controversial stuff. I also share good things but no one shares that,” said Yasir. “No one talks about my good things, they only share my controversies because they know that no one will read anything which is not masalaydaar.”

Meanwhile, talking about his comments on Diriliş: Ertuğrul being aired on Pakistan Television, Yasir said that he was not against the series being aired but was pushing for a joint production venture between the two countries.

Hussain is well known for speaking his mind and passing statements which often evolve into controversies. Recently, his comments on a television show erupted a clash between him and Shahroz Sabzwari. When Yasir was asked to name an actor who should have stayed on television instead of doing films, the actor had named Shahroz.