There’s something fishy going on Twitter. Pakistan’s Telecommunication Authority (PTA) said that they have contacted Twitter after the social media forum blocked over 150 Pakistani accounts for raising their voice for the Kashmiri people. PTA also said that Twitter “blocked Pakistani accounts under the influence of Indian lobbies”.

PTA’s press release via Twitter

The PTA made clear to Twitter that 178 accounts had been blocked for “advocating Kashmiri rights and condemning Indian forces’ atrocities in Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir,” and also said that, “It appears that the Twitter administration is under influence of Indian lobbies is depriving Pakistani users.”

ARY’s prime time anchor, Arshad Sharif, also faced Indian social media aggression when India tried to get Twitter to ban his account.


ARY Anchor Arshad Sharif gives details on Twitter

The notice said that Arshad had been posting content that violates the law of India and requested him to remove the content.

Notice from Twitter to ARY Anchor Arshad Sharif

Arshad refused to do so and his Twitter account is banned in India.