Pak Suzuki has once again announced a rise in prices across the board due to the depreciation of the Pakistani rupee (PKR), much like all of its two-wheeler rivals in the Pakistani market.

The majority of motorcycle consumers are no longer able to afford the motorcycles due to price increases. Unfortunately, the only option left for the locals is the Chinese bike, which has become more expensive and of lower quality.

Here are Suzuki motorcycles’ most recent prices:


VariantOld InvoiceNew PriceIncrease
Suzuki GD-110SRs219,000Rs229,000Rs10,000
Suzuki GS-150Rs239,000Rs251,000Rs12,000
Suzuki GS-150 SERs256,000Rs271,000Rs15,000
Suzuki GR-150Rs349,000Rs365,000Rs16,000
Pak Suzuki Motorcycles Latest Price List August 2022

In comparison to its earlier price of Rs349,000, the Suzuki GR-150 150cc model saw the largest price increase of Rs16,000; the bike now costs Rs365,000.

It’s important to note that since the start of the year, Pak Suzuki has announced four price increases. In addition to motorbikes, Pak Suzuki also announced a price rise for its car lineup.

Many assemblers have reported running out of production-critical materials, which the majority of automakers have mostly attributed to the ongoing decline of the Pakistani rupee versus the US dollar.