Following the launch of multiple new models in the local auto market, the demand for cars has increased significantly since COVID-19.

According to a Business Recorder report, volumetric sales in the auto industry have increased significantly Year Over Year (YOY) through the eleventh month of the fiscal year 2022 (11MFY2022).

According to the data, around 270,000 auto sales were made in the 11MFY2022. It also notes that Kia, Changan, and other new automakers’ sales are not included in these numbers. When their sales are taken into consideration, the total rises to almost 300,000 units.


With over 130,000 units sold and YoY growth of 62 percent, Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) continues to be in the lead. With almost 60,000 units sold and a YoY growth rate of 59 per cent, Toyota comes in second. Honda ranks third with over 30,000 units sold and YoY growth of 37 per cent.

Despite the fact that sales have been steady over the previous year, they are projected to start declining in the second quarter (Q2) of FY2023. The automakers also forecast a drop in sales of up to 25 per cent, citing escalating shipping, gasoline, and raw material costs as well as the consequent pricing hikes.

Conversely, many experts predict that pre-booked orders would help sales stay robust through Q1 FY2023. It would be fascinating to observe how the sales perform in Q3 FY2023 or Q4 FY2023, according to experts, as that is when the rise in automobile and gasoline prices will really start to have an impact on demand.