Production and sales at Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) are picking up speed. The automaker just announced the reopening of bookings for its overall lineup of vehicles on its official Facebook page.

The best kei car-selling company is also accepting reservations for the Suzuki Swift’s top and most expensive GLX CVT model, according to Pak Suzuki’s official Facebook page. Without providing a specific date, the automaker claimed that the offer is only valid for a short period of time.

Sales for PSMC also slightly increased last month. This, along with the aforementioned factors, may signal the company’s turnaround from a protracted slump. Even so, the Swift GLX CVT’s Rs3.76 million price tag makes it difficult to sell.



The new Swift GL CVT Limited Edition model sits below the GLX CVT model and offers a few extra conveniences over the GL CVT model. These features include a center armrest between the passenger seats and a rear top spoiler.

The Limited Edition variant of Swift costs Rs3,450,000, which is only Rs30,000 more than the Swift GL CVT standard model. The increased cost represents a premium for the added improvements in the Limited Edition variant.