The Travel and Tourism Competitive Index 2019 released by the World Economic Forum has ranked Pakistan at number 121 out of 140 countries. Pakistan has jumped up 3 spots – it was ranked at number 125 in the last edition which was two years ago.

According to the report, the country is one of the least competitive in South Asia in terms of travel and tourism. This means that Pakistan needs to improve its tourist service infrastructure, safety, security and better health and hygiene, among other things.

However, the report also stated that Pakistan had made considerable improvements as far as the human resources and labour market of the tourism industry is concerned.


Meanwhile, Spain topped the list. It was followed by France, Germany, Japan and the United States in the top 5. India ranked at number 34.

The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI), that covered 140 economies, measures the set of factors and policies that enable the sustainable development of travel and tourism sector which contributes to the development and competitiveness of a country.

Despite this, relaxation in the visa policy and the influx of popular influencers has changed the perspective of foreigners who are looking at Pakistan as an exotic tourist destination.

Earlier this year, The Telegraph had named Pakistan as tourism’s next big thing while UAE’s Gulf News carried a special report which shared world-renowned travel bloggers positive experiences in Pakistan.