It’s time to bid goodbye to those rickshaws which produce poisonous gases or make noise because Pakistan is introducing electric rickshaws. These new electric rickshaws will run on batteries and will be completely manufactured in Pakistan.

According to manufacturers, this new mode of transport will soon be seen on roads.

“But for that to happen, it’s very important that the government endorses these vehicles. If this rickshaw will be successful in the country and its demand increases, many other vehicles will be converted soon”, an industrialist said.


The three-wheelers were launched at the event ‘Showcasing Pakistan’s First Fully-Electric Three-Wheel Vehicle’ that was inaugurated by PM’s Adviser on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam.

The adviser said, “By the end of this year the electric vehicle policy will be fully launched in the country. The policy will boost the concept of pollution-free vehicles in the country”.

The electric vehicles do not emit smoke or make noise pollution and cut fuel cost as well, Aslam added.