Speaking to anchorperson Gharidah Farooqi on ‘G For Gharidah’, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Special Assistant on Capital Development Authority (CDA), Ali Nawaz Awan, said: “Pakistan is on United Kingdom’s (UK) Red List because of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) leader Nawaz Sharif.”

Awan said that despite providing all the data and information required by the UK, Pakistan suffered due to Nawaz.

Awan said that the government was very hopeful that Pakistan would be taken to the amber list but then thrice elected former prime minister Nawaz Sharif attached his fake medical reports along with his extended stay application. Hence the UK decided that if a three-time prime minister can lie, they cannot trust Pakistan and have thus kept us on hold.


Awan’s argument left the panel laughing. Anchorperson Gharida Farooqi asked Awan as to what connection did the former prime minister’s health have with Pakistan staying on the Red List.

Awan stressed again that the UK is looking at the fake reports submitted by Nawaz Sharif.