The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has sent Pakistan the Letter of Intent (LoI), bringing the disbursement of the $1.17 tranche for the combined seventh and eighth review closer.

Pakistan will approve the Lol and return it to the IMF. The Extended Fund Facility will now be revived right after IMF board’s approval.

The IMF team and the Pakistani government came to a staff-level agreement (SLA) in July for the conclusion of the combined seventh and eighth tranche.


The international lender estimates that after the Executive Board approves it, around $1,177 million will become accessible, bringing the program’s total payouts to almost $4.2 billion.

But according to a report from last month, before the multilateral lender provides Pakistan with new funding, it was also looking to determine the level of commitment from other sources.

The Washington-based lender wants to make sure that Pakistan won’t experience a funding shortfall following the IMF loan.

For Pakistan, which is desperately seeking dollar inflows in the face of declining foreign exchange reserves, the IMF support is essential in addition to other forms of finance.