As Pakistan wages war on the coronavirus pandemic, chairperson of Dawood Hercules Corporation — parent organisation of Pakistani multinational conglomerate Engro Corporation — and billionaire Hussain Dawood has announced pledging a contribution in services, kind and cash of Rs1 billion for a short, medium and long-term basis, on behalf of Dawood Hercules, Engro and his family.

“We are committed to help solve some of the most pressing issues of our time and it is incumbent upon us to serve our nation best when it needs us most.  These are our fundamental values that continue to be at the core of what we strive to achieve,” Hussain said in a press release issued Thursday

“We must work on several fronts concurrently. The need of the hour is to target on reducing the spread and impact of this virus,” he emphasised.


The group further said it would focus on disease prevention, with a major focus on testing and diagnostics, protecting and enabling healthcare practitioners and other key workers, who are at the frontline of the fight against this pandemic, enabling patient care and facilities; and to bolster livelihoods and sustenance of the most deserving in society.

The company also welcomed the efforts by the government and other organisations who have stepped up to this challenge.

The contribution comes a day after Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan announced a relief fund to fight the coronavirus epidemic and urged everyone to donate.

“Prime Minister’s COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund-2020 has been set up to help us fight this pandemic. I want everyone to donate towards this fund which will be used to take care of all those who have been made destitute by the lockdown,” he had tweeted.