Pakistani Olympian and the flag bearer for Pakistan at Tokyo Olympics, Mahoor Shahzad, apologised for her racist comments about Pathans (Pashtuns).

A video clip of the badminton player has gone viral on social media. In the 21-second clip, which was recorded after her second defeat in Olympics’ badminton event on Tuesday, she can be heard saying: “People appreciated me a lot, but yes, there are some of our badminton players, who are Pathan. And because I am the number one [badminton player] in Pakistan and played in Olympics, so some of our Pakistani badminton players are really jealous at how I have reached this position.”

“Pakistanis have a problem that they don’t want to do something good nor do they let anyone else do it,” Shahzad said before the clip ends.


On early Wednesday [Pakistan time], Shahzad posted an apology note on her social media accounts.

“I am writing this apology for my Pathan brothers,” she said. “In no way I intend to pass any racist comments. There are some Pakistani badminton players who are running a negative campaign against me, so I only referred to them in this video.”

“I am sorry from the core of my heart for hurting the feelings of my Pathan brothers and sisters.”

“Whatever I have achieved and where I stand today is because of the love and support of all of you,” she said.