On Thursday, the rupee’s decline against the US dollar reached an all-time low of Rs227 in the interbank market.

Experts blame the losses on political unrest and the fact that the dollar is bolstering against other currencies as well, according to DAWN. On Wednesday, the rupee had a closing value of Rs224.92.

According to the Foreign Exchange Association of Pakistan (FAP), the local currency fell by Rs2.08 to Rs227 versus the US dollar when the session started today at 10:57 AM.


According to experts, the country’s political unrest had reduced investor confidence, which had caused importers to worry and “unnecessarily” buy dollars from the market. He claimed that as a result, there was an increase in the interbank market’s demand for dollars.

Furthermore, over the past week, the dollar’s value had increased against over 40 currencies, including the British pound and the Japanese yen, which had an impact on the local market’s use of the rupee, according to Bostan.

After reaching Rs211.93 on June 22, the local currency climbed to Rs204.56 in the first week of July. When the country’s staff-level agreement with the international lender was reached on July 15, it briefly appreciated but again continued to depreciate against the US dollar.