University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences has announced the birth of the first Holstein Friesian (HF) calf by using In Vitro Embryo Production (IVEP) at the Training and Research Demonstration Farm, Ravi Campus, Pattoki, reports Dawn.

Emeritus Professor and former UVAS VC Dr Naseem Ahmed announced the success at Pattoki campus on Tuesday, calling it the culmination of research and collaboration across departments. The process involved ovum pickup from pure Holstein Friesian specimens at the TRDF, followed by the UVAS embryology lab’s maturation, fertilisation, and culture of oocytes. Subsequently, the resulting embryo was transferred to a synchronised recipient, resulting in a successful pregnancy and the birth of a healthy calf.

Department of Theriogenology and Embryology Chairman Dr Irfanur Rehman congratulated the embryology team, their guide Prof Dr Amjad Riaz, faculty members Dr Ali Husnain, Dr Talha Ashraf, and Dr Muhammad Yaseen, postgraduate students Dr Melaad and Muhammad Abdullah, researchers, technicians and staff.


Prof Naseem Ahmad said that locally producing pure breed Holstein Friesian animals via IVEP not only lowers the expense of importing animals or embryos but also contributes to the nation’s sustainability while maintaining genetic integrity and milk production levels.