Pakistani Twitter is calling out a drama serial Aitebaar for showing a husband not believing his wife, and assuming she was raped by goons after she tells him that she was not raped. The drama serial features Zarnish Khan and Syed Jibran in lead roles, in the characters of Parisa and Hamza respectively.

The particular scene is from the second episode of the drama in which the wife Parisa is trying to convince Hamza that she was not raped, but Hamza refuses to believe his wife.

Parisa and Hamza were in the car when kidnappers took Parisa with them after beating Hamza and leaving him on the road. However, Parisa luckily manages to escape from the situation and remains unharmed.



The husband in the scene says to his wife: “Mein nae bhula pa raha kay kisi geayr ne tumhe chuwa hai” (I am unable to forget that some stranger has touched you.” To which Parisa explained it to him that nothing happened to her but he refused to believe.

Pakistani Twitter is calling out the drama serial for showing a husband victim blaming his wife:

The drama is written by Maimoona Aziz and is directed by Nadeem Siddiqui.