In the first eight months of the fiscal year 2021-22, Pakistan’s textile and garment exports grew to $1.65 billion. The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) estimates that the textile and apparel sector brought in $12.607 billion this time, compared to $ 9.999 billion in exports from July to February 2020-21.

Knitwear exports surged by 33.86 per cent to $3.302 billion on a year-over-year (YoY) basis, while non-knit readymade clothes trade increased by 25.11 per cent to $2.516 billion. Additionally, cotton yarn exports increased by 34.40 per cent to $815.375 million, up from $606.690 million the previous year.

Cotton fabric trade climbed by 28.23 per cent in 2022, reaching $1.584 billion in value. Also, over the eight months of 2021-22, the distribution of bed clothing jumped by 20.34 per cent.


The industry has engaged in synthetic fiber imports, which increased by 31.65 per cent from July to February 2021-22, and the cost of artificial silk yarn soared by $ 569.256 million.

Consequently, the value of textile machinery in Pakistan has climbed dramatically over the last eight months, reaching $577.249 million.

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For those unaware, Pakistan’s textile sector has the capacity to generate $30 billion in annual revenue. The country’s leaders and economic experts should assess the existing economic situation and devise an effective economic strategy to boost textile exports.

To summarise, the industry has tremendous potential and can significantly contribute to the country’s economic success by providing job opportunities. Which could help the country’s GDP and GNP grow even more.