Imtiaz Hussain, a folk artist from Boghaki village of Parachinar, has set up conflict-ridden Parachinar’s first music academy.

The music academy which is the first of its kind in the tribal district will teach the youth how to play musical instruments including the rabab and harmonium, as well as how to sing in the traditional Pashto style. Twenty-eight boys have already enrolled in the academy.

According to details, Hussain wanted to become a musician himself which is why last August he decided to set this up to encourage others to learn music.


The academy is being viewed as a sign of peace in the tribal district which has seen sectarian conflict, militancy and scores of suicide attacks in the past decade or so.

“Music itself brings peace and harmony. A singer or musician is a harmless person and only spreads music,” Hussain said, adding that some level of peace has been achieved in the city.

Imtiaz shared that the academy currently lacks proper equipment and musical instruments and that he hopes to get help and guidance to improve the academy.

Though Hussain has faced some resistance from elders who believe that music is forbidden he says that the academy is his passion and he hopes to develop it into a proper music school.