Truly a man written by a woman.

Vicky Kaushal is a treasure – a good looking and extremely talented man who knows that with a wife like Katrina Kaif, the proper thing to do is worship the ground she walks on.

Recently speaking to News Tak for the promotion of his upcoming film ‘Zara Hatke Zara Bachke’, the actor opened up about what his marriage to the Bollywood diva is like, describing it as “paratha weds pancakes”:


“She loves pancakes, I love parathas,” he revealed, adding that Kaif loves parathas too. “She loves mom ke haath ke paranthe.”

When Kaushal was asked about whether he would encourage people to have an arranged or love marriage, the ‘Raazi’ revealed that the most important thing is that the couple learn to accept differences and develop an understanding with each other.

“Love is important, marriage could be love or arranged. Understanding and compassion are important. It is important to understand that they are a different person, you are a different person and you have to come to an understanding as a couple. She doesn’t have to agree with me fully, and I don’t have to agree with her always. If that understanding exists, it doesn’t matter if the marriage is arranged or love. It should give happiness to the family, and to them most importantly.”

Humare tissues kidhar hain? Yaar ye bohat ziada hai.

Kaushal also said in the interview that despite having a committed acting career, Kaif is equally involved in household chores and how budget is planned:

“The most fun experience is when she (Katrina) holds a meeting in the house every week or every other week. She gets the entire staff together and discusses the budget of the house. She takes account of how the money is being spent, the expenses, and it’s a great thing. But when that discussion happens, I enjoy it. I’m an audience and I sit with popcorn.”