The nationwide committee of chairmen of the educational boards IBCC) on Thursday approved the implementation of the new “10-point grading system” at the matric and inter levels across the country, Express Tribune has reported.

IBCC Secretary Ghulam Ali Malah while talking to the media outlet said, “Existing grading system at the inter [grade XII] and matric [grade X] levels is being abolished and replaced by a 10-point system across the country by 2025.”


The term “F” or “Fail” would be replaced with a new term “U” meaning unsatisfactory, Malah said. He added that students getting marks between 96 per cent and 100 per cent will get an A-plus, where as an A-minus will be given for 91 per cent to 95 per cent marks.
Other grades format will include “A” or “Remarkable” for 85-90 per cent marks; “B++” or “Excellent” for 80-85 per cent marks; “B+” or “Very Good” for 75-80 per cent marks; “B” or “Good” for 70-75per cent marks; “C” or “Fair” for 60-70 per cent marks; “D” or “Satisfactory” for 50-60% marks; “E” or “Sufficient” for 40-50 per cent marks.


The meeting also decided that matric and intermediate examination will be held in April and May.