When lawyer and analyst Reema Omer posted a Twitter update complaining about getting only three Cocomos in a 5-rupee packet, little did she know that her tweet would blow up and people would start demanding PML-N’s Miftah Ismail [owner of Bisconni] to investigate the matter.

Omer also posted a video to prove that she received only three Cocomo instead of the promised four.

In an exclusive interview with The Current, Ismail had said that there are supposed to be four cocomos in each packet. The businessman turned politician said that he wants to have at least five in each packet but due to an increase in the price of ingredients used, they cannot afford to increase the number of cocomos in one packet.



Meanwhile, PML-N’s Maiza Hameed Gujjar promised that when the party wins the NA-249 recount, she will request Ismail to add “one more cocomo” in the packet.

Others including Ali Gul Pir demanded answers from Ismail.