The Pakistan Day celebrations at Parade Avenue in Islamabad, which took place on March 25 caught everyone’s attention this year for a different reason. The unusual thing that happened was a performance by a Turkish musical band, who played the theme song of Diriliş: Ertuğrul’s on the occasion.

Referring to the performance, a Twitter user said: “You think the Turks secretly laugh at our unhealthy obsession with Ertuğrul?”

While the tweet was meant to be humorous tweet, it started a debate on whether Pakistani culture reflects India or Turkey given most Pakistanis have grown up watching Bollywood.



“Don’t know is it unhealthy? The whole country obsesses over Bollywood, a propaganda industry for a country that’s been trying to destabilize us for decades. I think a little Ertugrul is nothing in comparison,” said one Twitter user.

Another user said: “We are obsessed with Bollywood because it has not been a century since Pakistan and India have been parted. We share the language and culture with them. Idk what do we have in common with Turks though.”

Check out some more tweets over the debate here: