Karachiites are worried about fly’s infestation in the city and a person approached the Sindh High Court to make sure that the authorities do something to address the problem.

Swarms of flies have occupied Karachi after the recent monsoon rains during Eidul Azha. The city’s situation worsened because streets and roads were flooded, mounds of garbage continued to pile up, and animal waste wasn’t disposed of properly.

A petition was filed on Tuesday. The Sindh government, Karachi mayor, and chairmen of all six districts have not been responsible in cleaning the city. People have to brush off flies from everything and it has made everyone’s lives quite difficult, the petition reads.


The petitioner even claims that diseases such as dengue and Congo viruses have become common because the administration doesn’t have a proper garbage disposal system. The situation will get worse if nothing is done. The court should order the Sindh government and city government to clean the city, it adds.