The government officially announced the amended prices for petroleum products on Wednesday after a delay of almost a week, notifying consumers of an increase of Rs1.45 in the price of petrol.

According to the notification, the price of gasoline has gone up from Rs235.98 to Rs237.43, while the price of high-speed diesel (HSD) has remained the same at Rs247.43.

Light diesel oil’s price has dropped from Rs201.54 to Rs197.28 by Rs4.26, and kerosene’s price has dropped from Rs210.32 to Rs202.02 by Rs8.3.



According to initial reports, the cost of petroleum products were expected to decrease from Rs235.98 per litre to Rs226.36 per litre on Friday, September 16, after a reduction of Rs9.62 per litre for the next two weeks.

The new petroleum prices were expected to be revealed on September 16, but the administration postponed the announcement.