The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) filed an FIR against the factory owner after seizing 1,900 liters of inferior and unhygienic cooking oil.

An estimated 1,900 liters of subpar cooking oil made from animal fats and intestines were seized during a PFA team raid on the Rawat oil facility in the Potohar Town neighbourhood, according to the PFA spokesman.

He claimed some well-known cooking oil brands were packaging this subpar, unhygienic oil. The oil was sold to neighbourhood fast food restaurants and hotels, the spokesman said.


He further stated that strict action was being taken against offenders to ensure that residents were receiving hygienic food and that those who were endangering the health of the populace would not receive compensation.

In another raid at Potohar Town in Lahore, PFA discovered a facility producing fake edible oil. While the authorities also stopped a car carrying 400 liters of dangerous oil. The food authority filed cases against both defendants due to adulteration and violations of the provincial food law, according to PFA Director General Shoaib Khan Jadoon.

He claimed that after receiving a tip, the authority raided Rawat Oil Mill and issued an emergency prohibition order to halt production until further orders (EPO).