Snooker Champion Ahsan Ramzan has expressed disappointment over the non-supportive behaviour of the government officials in a recent interview given to Geo News. He was the first youngest Pakistani who won the IBSF World Snooker Championship by defeating the Iranian player last month in Qatar.

Ahsan is living in a room inside the club where he receives training in Lahore. He believes that support from the government departments will give more time to focus on sports.


In a Geo News interview, he said, “I have not received any support from the government so far. However, the government has now changed which is why I’m hopeful that they will support me as they did with former champion Muhammad Asif in the past.”

He further added, “I want a job from a department so that I can focus on snooker with a steady income,” he said. “If that doesn’t happen, I will be forced to start a business which will make it difficult for me to focus on the sport.”

Ahsan Ramzan is considering participating in Asia-Oceania Q School if he did not receive any financial support from the Pakistan government. However, he appealed that he needs PKR 1.5 million as sponsorship to get enrolled in school.

Asia-Oceania Q School 2022 will commence on June 1 in Bangkok, Thailand. The finalists who will earn a two-year card to the World Snooker Tour will play two tournaments. In total, four players will be awarded a place on the professional circuit for the 2022/23 and 2023/24 seasons.

Interested players who are residing in Asia and Oceania can participate in the event with an entry fee of £400.