The unpredictable Pakistani rupee, which made the highest rise of 3.9 per cent over five working days to Rs219.92 against the dollar on anticipation of sizable inflows of foreign cash, was dubbed the “world’s best-performing currency” in the week that concluded on Friday.

According to analysts monitoring currency movements, the rupee proved to be the best-performing currency throughout the week.

Friday marked the rupee’s 11th straight successful working day since the current finance minister, Ishaq Dar, announced his return to Pakistan by ending a five-year self-exile last month, according to the Express Tribune.


Clearly, Dar continued his previous strategy of defending the rupee from the assault of the US currency after assuming power. He thought the rupee was undervalued at its all-time low of roughly Rs240 to the dollar in July and suspected commercial banks of manipulating the rupee’s value to advance their own interests.

In a swift move, Pakistani officials notified Moody’s that during recent meetings with multilateral creditors, the government had received an additional funding commitment of more than $2.5 billion from the Asian Development Bank.

This was done while strongly responding to Moody’s downgrading Pakistan’s credit rating to Caa1. The World Bank has also committed to providing an additional $1.3 billion in finance for infrastructure improvement and other projects during the current fiscal year.